Aflao Boarder security clears hawkers


The Aflao boarder security (BORDDSEC) has carried out a process of evicting all persons engaging in illegal currency exchange (black market) and hawking.

Speaking to the sector commander of CEPS of the Ghana revenue Authority (GRA) Mr. Confidence Nyadzi on the issue, he said the Aflao Boarder security (BORDDSEC) has observed that some ersons loiter around the Boarder area and barracks carrying out all kinds of criminal activities.

Some of these persons engage in illegal money exchange whilst others carry out naked robbery and attacks on unsuspecting travellers and other persons.

Based on an investigation carried out by Team of security experts as to how to deal with criminal activities around the boarder enclaves.

One of the recommendations giving was to sanitize the Border enclave by evicting traders and hawkers some of whom works with the criminal elements as an informants as to which traveller is carrying a huge sum of money for him/her to be attacked.

Some trade in counterfeit which id giving headaches to the travelling public and at times travellers becomes stranded at the Border due to the criminal activities of the hawkers.

This happened early hour of today when the traders and hawkers had not reported for their daily activities. Some of the hawkers who spoke to our correspondent Mac- Thompson Gbeti said they were not informed about the decision of the Border security to evict them or even found a place to relocate them.

Where are they going to do their Businesses, how can they cater for their families who depends on them and they have to pay school fees etc. are the questions they are asking the Authorities to find answers to when they realized that all their wares were cleared off the area.

However the municipal Security Council will be meeting at 10am today to deliberate on the issue.

Max Ashong

Dzigbordi 87.7fm

Dzodze- Kave.

Source: Max Ashong

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