Hot video: Confessions of an occult nurse


A former nurse at a government institution in Ghana has revealed how the devil used her claim many souls.

According to her, she killed 175 people a week and almost got the Mark of the Beast for her exceptional work for the devil.

Mary [pseudo name] said her quest for power drove her to join the occult group that has affiliations across the country.

Narrating her story on a local language radio station, Accra-based Vision One FM, the woman in her late 30’s said her friend at the Nursing Training College introduced her to the cult.

Mary said she won many souls at the emergency and theater rooms of the hospital and enjoyed her new found power.

She said killing children for sacrifice was a normal thing for her and her favourite place to get victims are in churches.

Some children prefer to use the money for offering to buy toffees so I give them the toffees for free and woo them through that, she said in Twi.

Mary also revealed that, she became inhumane and could relax and eat whiles a patient is dying.

I did not have any feeling for human being. I could sit and eat and watch people die and later prepare them for the mortuary, she said.

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But the changed Mary urged Christians to pray without ceasing especially when they visit the hospitals.

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