It’s good to be a Ghanaian at this time as Ghana celebrates 60th anniversary


    God bless our homeland Ghana and make it great and strong. Ghana is 60 years today, hurray!

    It’s time to sing all the hallelujah choruses to the glory of God for what he has done for us as country and people. We may have not achieved the desired economic growth and development as we desire but we have achieved peace and stability and that a lone satisfies the hungry man who is angry. If we have peace, we can build our country despite delays.

    How time flies so fast and indeed, time and tide waits for no man they say. It looks like yesterday that we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Ghana’s independence. It was so colourful as we all thronged to Jubilee park in Takoradi from all the suburbs. It was a colourful parade display by the military, the police and other security services as well as school children. Organised and and civil society groups also matched pass and it was awesome. After the anniversary parades, we turned the Jubilee park into a dancing party and danced our hearts out. It was full of fun I must say.

    10 years down the line, Ghana is 60 years exactly today. Let’s celebrate the 60th birthday day of this great nation of ours without political divisions, religious discriminations, tribal inflammations and social injustices. This is the time for us to bury all the tendencies of divisions emanating from tribalism, religion as well as politics and rally together as one people.

    We might come from a nation of diverse religious, political and tribal backgrounds but we have been able to stick together as one people with a common destiny and that is what matters. Despite our disagreements at times, this country has never been plunged into civil wars as we have seen in other countries. We have always cherished our peace and freedom as people and that makes us very unique people on the African continent.

    On the 6th March 1957, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah declared the independence of Ghana after some 100 years of colonial rule and centuries of inhuman slave trade before colonialism which still leaves scars of inferiority complex in the African personality including the Ghanaian. Even though the slave trade is long gone, it is no doubts that the African still suffers the effects of slave trade and colonialism. Our 60th anniversary tells that to stand up us one people and shake off the remaining shackles of colonialism and mental slavery and declare ourselves truly independent and free. We should live the true meaning of freedom from henceforth.

    You have been kept down for so long and it is time to stand up and say I am free as sung by the great Osibisa band telling how we should welcome ourselves home by returning to our roots. We should be welcoming ourselves home and shake hands, commend ourselves for how far we have come as people. We should appreciate the effort of each and every one for our contributions to the development of our motherland, Ghana. We should commend ourselves for jealously guarding the independence fought for us by our forefathers up to now. Some have destroyed theirs and are now picking the pieces but we didn’t so we should commend ourselves.

    60 years down the line, it is indeed time to live the true meaning of “the black man is capable of managing his own affairs” as said by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah during the independence declaration. It is time for us to weave our destiny as country and people together with our own hands and chart the direction that we want this great country of us to head towards. We should point where we want to move this country to by sharing a common vision and aspirations.

    The independent story of Ghana didn’t come as an easy one but through struggles and sacrifices made by our forefathers to lay the foundation of our today’s freedom. Some people toiled and laid down their lives to ensure that we enjoy what we are enjoying today.

    Even after the independence, the country went through turbulence times from one military rule to another but this country didn’t break into parts and pieces but rather sticked together in difficult times. In it all, we were writing our history for those of who would come after the independence story to know how far our national has travelled and for that matter we also need to contribute our quota to its development and progress. It is a must for us without choice to put all hands on deck to drive this country to the path of growth and prosperity.

    In 1992 we adopted the 4th republican constitution, we have since changed power from one civilian government to another for the third time after our president was recently sworn before the 7th parliament under the 4th republic. That is no mean achievement that we must all be proud of. We have come far as people and deepened our democratic credentials to the envy of all nations. That tells how we are matured in mind, spirit and flesh to deal with our own affairs.

    From 1992 to 2016 we have had free and fair elections to the admiration of all the world that indeed the black man is capable of managing his own affairs. We have achieved political and economic stability amidst struggles and unfair trade treatments from world’s trade supper powers but still our country is grinding despite a snail pace. We haven’t failed at all. We have achieved something more than nothing.

    60 years signifies maturity in mind, spirit and flesh so it is time to eschew lawlesness in our body politics especially when there is a change of government and live together as matured people no matter our differences. It’s time to handle issues that have divisive tendencies with matured gloves and increased levels of tolerance of opinions and views from religion and politics politics in particular as well as tribalism.

    Ghana is 60 years today, and indeed it is good to be a Ghanaian at this time with reminiscent from the past. For me, it is my hope and prayers to see Ghana at 100. That time I wish to continue this life as a proud Ghanaian as I sit by the fireside to tell my grandchildren and great grandchildren stories about this great nation called Ghana.

    I am very sure I am not the only police officer who is very proud to be a Ghanaian today because many of my colleagues are matching throughout Ghana today.

    Ghana is 60 today and it is good to be a Ghanaian. A proud one of that matter

    Ahanta Apemenyimheneba Kwofie III

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