Stonebwoy concert turns bloody as wife gets stabbed


The long awaited show, “Ashaiman to the World Concert” by Stonebwoy, known in real life as Livingstone Etse, turns bloody when unknown men attacked his wife, Dr Louisa Ansong, with  knife.

The show which started with massive performance from the hiplife artist, ended in tears and chaos as people were seen running for cover.

However, unfortunately for the Hiplife artist who was considered as the main target at the show, had his wife rather stabbed by these unidentified men.

The show brought to a total halt as fans were disturbed and afraid of being attacked by the opponent.

According to the “Where We Gonna Run Go” crooner, the ill minded attackers targeted where he was in a tent and tried jabbing him through but they missed target and rather ended up injuring Dr Satakla (his wife) with the sharp knife.

The wife who was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital according to Stonebwoy, would make sure to bring the perpetrators before the law.

The devastated man took to his Facebook page and narrated the sad incident, adding that, until he deals with the culprit according to the law, he would never rest.

It is also established that, after getting the wife hospitalized, Stonebwoy who managed to continue the distracted show, was stoned on stage by certain groups of people hiding in the crowd.

They continued to throw the stone at him as he reach out to his fans at the event ground.

In the video, Stonebwoy is heard yelling in the Ewe language: “Someone has thrown a stone at me.”

Stonebwoy, who seemed hurt, kept repeating the same statement over and over again.

This is the second bad news from the 2017 edition of ‘Ashaiman to the World’ concert held at the Sakasaka Park at Ashaiman in Accra.

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